How to Sell Courses Online and Make Money!

Is it difficult to develop a coaching program? Do I need to be an online guru, have years or experience or hundreds of clients to help other people succeed? Does my course or life have to be perfect to be a coach or teacher … or can I grow,develop it, and work at it? In this article, we will quickly and easily analyze how to not only to create your first training program this month, but also some common questions and misconceptions about how to become a successful coach. Curious to know more? Keep reading while we take a closer look!

How do I create my first coaching program without much experience or knowledge?


This is very simple. I do not care if you are a diet coach, a dating consultant, a divorce counselor or a diving instructor … if you want to create a training program or an online-oriented training, the steps are the same. This is the very short but precise business model for developing a coaching curriculum.

  • Create an outline or summary of everything you know in your niche.
  • Describe, detail and document each area of ​​your experience and answer common questions that people have in their industry.
  • Write or record the questions and answers described above.
  • Use the resulting product as an independent offer, or use it as an incentive to demonstrate your experience and niche knowledge, which builds a bridge to your main offer. (In other words, let the depth and breadth of the above “sell it” or sell it yourself as an independent coaching course).

Does my Course or Life have to be perfect to teach people?


Absolutely not. No course is perfect and nobody’s life is PERFECT! In fact, from my point of view, this is one of the great tragedies of the modern coaching movement: people who have great intentions, integrity and COULD inspire thousands of people to improve their lives, but often expect the perfect movement by themselves, but nobody is perfect. Live to share your gifts.

A few months ago I heard an excellent quote from a very successful and well-known coach and “spiritual” counselor, explaining some of his own personal mistakes, and it’s worth repeating here:

[Tweet “Our job is to share the thing’s we need to learn the most ourselves”.]

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What do I do once my coaching program is created? How do I sell it?


Seth Godin, the famous salesman, author and speaker used to talk a lot about how to find his “tribe”. I believe same … but now, it is much easier to find your audience. It just takes a little time and research to find a community of people, if you don’t already have a following, that have a need for you to feel with your course, also you must follow a course model..

My marketing model is like this:

  • Use CONTENT (like this article, for example) to build your community.
  • Develop a real relationship, relationship and connection with your community through a continuous conversation and contribution.
  • Share your CURRICULUM (your training program) with your community and allow them to identify themselves as your ideal client. (A small percentage will always do it!)


How much do you make selling Online Courses?


The money you make off selling online course’s is really up to you and how much time/effort your willing to spend on your course. There are people making anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month and up to thousand’s of dollars a month. ( Selling Course’s is my main stream of income.)

Remember, all this can be built with blogs, social networks and free tools. You do not need to be a guru, you do not need to be aggressive, or unethical to do it, just do it incredibly well. Still nervous about creating a whole online course? Then why don’t you create a mini-course?!


What is a Mini-Course?


If we do a search for the definition of “mini course” this is what it is a brief course of study usually lasting a semester. A mini-course is a short course that usually takes anywhere from a hour or two to create and eventually lead’s people to purchasing your main course. If you create a series of mini-course’s about a topic you could just compile them into one main course and sell it. (Now when you think about it that way doesn’t that take alot of stress off of you!?) If you have a blog, you could possibly already have enough information on a certain topic to sell in a course (This is also called Repurposing Your Content). If you give people bite-sized useful information it will show you as an authority in your subject/niche and they will eventually buy your product.








I hope you apply all this in YOUR business and see it for yourself! If you enjoyed this article..PLEASE SHARE IT!!



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