3 Tip’s for Writing Killer Blog Post’s

3 tips for writing killer blog posts

We all know that getting a good education and working hard will allow us to have an advantage in life. The purpose for that education is to gain skills and knowledge that will help you in your daily life. If you learn to write well and convey that information through writing, you can use that to help your business thrive.

Even without a college education or other upper level training, you can still get some decent writing done just by following a few simple guidelines.

1.Keep on Topic

The first and most important tip that will help you write good articles and blog posts is to keep a strong subject going throughout the post. You never want to stray off that topic. Choose your topic and what point you are trying to make and support it with concrete facts or tidbits.

Take this article you are reading, the subject is very clear and was stated in the first paragraph. You know that the point is to help your business with good writing skills.subject photo

2.Sound Intelligent

No customer will take you seriously if you use improper words or bad grammar. If you misspell or use the wrong version of a word (their vs there), you can sound less-intelligent and there is no way a customer will trust you as an adviser or consultant. Be sure to keep your spell checker going and proof read everything you write. Even if you just read it once over, you must read it after you wrote it to make sure it makes sense and sounds intelligent.intelligent photo


Grammar is very important when writing for your business. If you are unsure about the use of a comma or other punctuation, then ask! It is better to ask someone or look up the use of the punctuation than to post your poorly written article on the internet with all your clients to see.

If you keep practicing and getting better you will be able to write great article’s and blog posts without issues. Just 20 minutes per day and you should have some rich and enticing content for your readers and potential customers.


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