Pinterest Marketing:Are You Using this #1 Secret Method?

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You, like all marketers, have a million and one tasks to do today! At the pinnacle of your priorities is marketing … finding more clients and getting greater profits. If you are searching for a easy and tested strategy to create more income besides spending hours on your computer, test out the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). You’ll be surprised how quickly you can create a tremendous income using this formula with Pinterest.



1. (A) Attention

What catches a reader’s attention greater than an exciting list of things that will benefit them? Think of the outcomes of starting straight away with 6 of the most beautiful benefits of your product or service.

A Pinterest marketer should design a pin with eye catching titles that builds curiosity and makes a person want to find out more like these:

  • 10 Best Boots for Winter
  • List of 101_______________
  • How You Can_______ in 24 hours or less
  • Top 10 Ways To___________
  • The Ultimate Guide To___________

You want to attract their attention, and these examples compels them to keep reading.


2. (I) Interest

This is where we slip into the simple statistics that would not otherwise be interesting. The fundamental small print of the product points will now not maintain the customer’s attention for long, so it must be quick and sweet like using infographs (people love these), showcase the pros and cons of a product or service.


3. (D) Desire

Arouse their appetite, however supply them some honest and hard core facts to aid them in their purchase. Most consumers buy on impulse, then wonder if it was the correct choice. Do not make them a second guess! Preparing them to face the doubts with a strong logical reasons include:

  • The benefits of buying from you.
  • Testimonials from different happy customers.
  • A cash back guarantee.
  • It’s an excellent deal!

4. (A) Action
Order now! Hey, say “Purchase Now”, however that statement doesn’t provide a since of urgency like these do: 

Hurry! Do not leave with out this unique offer for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Go to www …..(your website or landing page here) or Sign Up to my newsletter to get your free__________now!

Be certain to provide a clear call to action of how to order or how to sign up. Make it part of the command.


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