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Want to UNLEASH your Pinterest Profits and Gain more followers?!

No gimmicks or tricks; get ready for some simple tips that immediately influence and effect your account and I share Pinterest facts that most people will not tell you.

1. Pin pins from other people

I hear it all the time “Nobody pins MY pins,There is no traffic! What am I missing?” Have you been there? If you told me this was your experience, then the first thing I would do is to check and see what you are sharing. If everything you share is your own content, then you are USING PINTEREST THE WRONG WAY!

Guess What? When you are new, nobody really cares what’s on your site. I’m sure that is difficult to hear, but I have promised to speak the truth. It takes time to build authority and succeed on Pinterest.

Chances are that the pins of other sites are more popular and get more views because they have built a reputation as a reliable source of information. However, that does not mean that your pins can not fall into the same category.

Tackle that by sharing quality pins with high share numbers, while building your own reputation. As a general rule of thumb, I share 1 pin of my site for every 6 pins found from other sources.

You get followers for your boards because you share quality information from anywhere on the internet, the pins of your site fit in well with that familiar information.

Think about it, many Pinterest users do not even have a website, they never share their own content. Why do they have 1000 followers? It is clearly not because of what they have written, but because of what they have shared! Pretty cool right?

2. Pin Popular Pins

We are back in Pinterest high school where popular or ‘repins’ are the king. This is how it happens: if a pin has 1k + repins, most people assume that it contains quality information. People think since it was pinned 1 time and has so many repins that it must be good quality content!’

You know you have done it, everyone has. A large repin number gives a pin automatic credibility regardless of the content. Use that to your advantage.

That proves that repin numbers have a lot of power and that people take the chance on them that they are good information.

* You are looking for a high number of repins, but do not forget to consistently share high-quality pins that are relevant to your niche and useful for your readers.


3. Check all of your Pin links 

Do you really need to check your Pin links? YES! Do not be a victim of spreading spam, if you do you will lose a lot of followers. Before I realized what was happening I was spreading spam and I lost 17 of my beloved pinterest followers!

My followers did not like it and my numbers dropped. It is especially important to check all of your pin links if you use a automatic pinning service such as Tailwind, if your not using Tailwind you should be and you can sign up here for free.


4. How to check what is being repinned from your Pinterest Account


This trick shows you which pins get more action than others. If a pin is popular, you can use that pin structure to create future pins.

Enter this in your search bar: URL /

When I check who has secured my pins, the URL looks like this:


5. Always use your popular pins 


Now that you know how to search all the pins that are pinned from your site, repeat the most popular pins. Repin the pins on which you see a lot of action then rinse and repeat.

Create your own value, because as we have discussed, some people pin superficially and are looking for pins that will give them the most action and bang for their buck!

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