5 Reasons to Start Marketing on Pinterest

5 reasons to use pinterest for your business



Pinterest is the newest phenomenon of social networks and has over 250 million active users. In six months, the virtually unknown site experienced a 4,000% increase in visits, which made it one of the fastest growing websites of all time. In just one week, there were 11 million views on Pinterest.

There are still many people who just do not understand Pinterest. For some, it may seem like another way to spend time online. And, to be fair, it can really become addictive.

This is the reason why business owners should start using Pinterest to market their business. It is easy to use and has been an excellent way to increase sales, provide leads and attract traffic to your site.

We will see the Five reasons why you need to start marketing your company on Pinterest right now.


5 Reasons To Use Pinterest for Business Marketing

#1-It is a Master Driver (traffic).

For a fairly new website, ten million users is amazing. With any web-based business, your earnings depend on the amount of traffic to your website. The more traffic you receive, the more potential customers and sales you can expect to get. With Pinterest, you can easily link users to your own website, increasing your own web traffic.

Research has even shown that Pinterest has been more successful at driving traffic than on other social networks, including Facebook!

Users simply can not stop using.


#2-Pinterest is Highly Addictive.

It’s simple and fun. Users are happy to simply share and find new and interesting things. People are always looking for the latest and the best, and are constantly using Pinterest to find those things. Because it is based on images, it is faster and more pleasant for users to scan.


#3-It is easy to integrate with your Social Sites.

Pinterest has connected with other social networks. With the new Facebook Open Graph, users can publish their new pins in the news for their friends to see. That means more people see your pins. To share your pins, you will have to share them manually on your business page.

However, with Twitter, if your Pinterest account uses the same email as your company’s Twitter account, your pins will be automatically shared on Twitter.

You can also add a “Pin it” button on your website or blog as you would with Facebook or Twitter. That makes it easier for visitors to share your products or content with others.

What makes Pinterest so good is that each pin has a built-in link to the source, like a website or a landing page. Users can link to your website simply by clicking on the image.


#4-Pinterest is the place where users who want to See and Share.

what is “in” in each niche should go. From creation to fashion, new trends and loves are shared. You can see what your audience loves at this moment, what they look for in websites and electronic stores. You can use that information to plan your own product placement.

The spectators become buyers.


#5-Pinterest has taken many steps between Discovery and Purchase.

That means more sales for you! Users are more likely to see a product they like, that they like and share with many others, and that they are ready to buy it at that time. This is even more effective than a tweet about a product.


Pinterest is going to shake up the way you market your business. This social network has really become a fantastic marketing tool, so do not wait to start using it yourself.

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